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Congratulations! He finally popped the question and you said yes! Now what should you do? Nothing is more exciting than planning your dream wedding, but it can definitely be extremely overwhelming. Finding a venue, picking the right flowers, choosing your bridal party, all these decisions you might feel that you have to make right away. I’m here to tell you that you have so much time to figure all these details out! Still feeling anxious? Here are 8 things you CAN start doing and thinking about after the big news!


waverly iowa wedding venue1. Celebrate The Big News

This is amazing, he finally did it! Tell all your family and friends, post pictures of your ring, plan an engagement party..Celebrate and enjoy how happy this is. Nothing is better than celebrating the big news with everyone. First you must call your family members, your parents, and your closest friends! No one wants to find out over social media so pick up that phone and share the news! Then go head and post that picture of the beautiful ring he picked out for you, put it on instagram and even facebook. Let everyone see the amazing job he did picking out that perfect ring! Next, plan a party! Now it’s time to really celebrate with everyone special. Have a cocktail..or show off your excitement of this new life journey with the love of your life!

waverly iowa wedding venue2. The Ring

This is extremely important! He may have done a great job picking out the perfect style of ring…but it may not fit perfectly. No one wants to have a ring slip off because it is too big or if it is even too small! So you need to make sure to get your ring sized as soon as you can. Also you will want to get your ring insured. If something would happen to this important piece of jewelry then you can get your money back or get it fixed. Life happens so you want to talk with an insurance agent to make sure if the ring or any stones becomes loose or needing repaired then you are covered.

waverly iowa wedding venue3. Think About A Date

This date doesn’t have to be set in stone, but it’s good to start discussing with your fiancé an idea of when you are thinking you want to be married. What year you are thinking and if you’re you planning on a short or long engagement? What point in the year you would like and what weather to expect your dream wedding to be like? These are the questions to be thinking about. You will more than likely be having people asking when the date will be and then you can have an idea what to tell them with what you both agree will be the period of time.

waverly iowa wedding venue4. Think About Wedding Size

It is important that you and your fiancé are on the same page about what size of wedding to expect to have; whether you are thinking a large or small wedding. Don’t be afraid to get your parents input on how many people they might be expecting to come. You will not need to plan out a set number, but it is important to have an idea of the amount when it comes to picking out a wedding venue.

waverly iowa wedding venue5. Research Venues

Once you have an idea of how many people to be expecting, you will want to start researching venues in the area you plan on being married. You will need to find a venue that can accommodate to the amount of people you expect on having, as well as having the amenities to make your wedding be the dream wedding you’ve always wanted. Wedding venues book up pretty far in advance so by starting early on looking at venues, you will have better luck at getting that perfect place you are looking for.

waverly iowa wedding venue6. Discuss A Budget

Once you start looking at venues, you will need to discuss a budget. This can be a hard thing to discuss and come to agreement on, but it’s an important thing to come to agreement on. You can’t move on without having this discussion to figure out what decisions can be made. Don’t be afraid to ask close family members if they are willing to contribute as well!

waverly iowa wedding venue7. Find Inspiration

Start a pinterest board, look at wedding blogs, save photos you love from websites or even instagram. Get excited on the possibilities of all the ideas and options you can have to make your day as perfect as you’ve been dreaming it could be. Also you should begin to make lists of all the things you want..and don’t want for your wedding day.

waverly iowa wedding venue8. Take A Breath and Relax!!

It’s okay to be overwhelmed with all the planning, but make sure you don’t forget to make time to relax. Take time with your fiancé and enjoy the time you have together. Don’t sweat the small things. This day is for celebrating the marriage of you and the love of your life so don’t get caught up in the stress of all the planning!

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