Every venue is different so it can be hard to find the perfect one with everything you are looking for. But with these 8 tips, you can get answers that might make picking your venue easier.

1. Floor plan

Often when viewing a place you walk in and automatically start imagining your wedding there. Of course you ask how many people that they can hold in the facility, but do you ask how tables are set up? Or where the head table can go? Before you chose a venue, you will want to make sure they can set up the building the exact way you want.

2. Catering

Food is an important aspect of your night and you don’t want your guests to go hungry. Not asking about catering options is a common mistake for newlyweds. There are venues that do not allow outside catering so that is something to keep an eye out for if you are planning to have a certain vendor cater your wedding. At Prairie Links, we do in house catering either buffet or plated, but we do allow outside catering if they are licensed in the state of Iowa.

3. Limitations

Always, always, always ask about what you can and can not have in the venue. It is important for your vision of your day. If you really are envisioning a bunch of confetti poppers as you enter into the room or glitter on tables for decorations, you will want to make sure to ask if you can have those at that venue. Some venues have a lot of limitations whereas others just have a few.

4. Vendors

While you are viewing the venue, often event coordinators do not get asked about vendors. If you have a vendor that you want to use, make sure that the venue allows to work with that vendor. If you do not have any idea what vendors to use or where to start, don’t be afraid to ask the person showing you the venue some names of vendors that they often work with. 

5. Alcohol

Does the venue have their own bar? Do they provide bar staff as an amenity? Can you bring in your own alcohol? These are questions that you need to be asking. There are some venues that do not have a bar so you need to factor in if you want to bring some alcohol for your guests or allow them to just bring their own. If they do have bar staff and a bar for your guest, ask about how many bars they have/ how many bartenders. Also you can ask about if they allow open bar if you are interested in having that.

6. Ceremony

Having the ceremony at the same venue has become very popular within the past couple of years. It is a great question to discuss if you are able to have the ceremony at the same place as the reception. The great thing about having the ceremony at the same area is that your guest do not need to worry about traveling between areas. Especially if there is drinking involved or if the weather could be dangerous to drive in.



7. Outdoor Space

If your dream is for your guests to play cornhole or ladder golf during the social hour, then you will need to see and ask about outside space. If your venue is like Prairie Links, you can even have your ceremony and reception outside as well. Especially if your wedding date is during the months where the weather is nice out, you might want your guests to enjoy the day the most they can!

8. Cost

Being aware of what you will need to pay is very important. Not even just the rental price, but if you need to pay a deposit for in case of damages or a fee for using linens or chair covers. Another thing you need to discuss is if the deposit is refundable and when the payments are due. You will also want to ask what your rental fees cover. For example, you might want to ask if the venue charges extra for using their linens or chair covers. That way if they do charge extra, you might have to think about your budget for that venue. 


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